Arnold's plan to lose belly fat

About one-third of the world's population is suffering from obesity. by obesity I means bellies on their stomach. Reduction of belly fat will make life much more simpler for any of us, will look good in clothes,will get to date pretty girls and more things.

Generally the first place where the fat comes is belly and it goes from here the last. Frankly speaking any waist over than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for  goes in the category of abdominal fat.

By using the secret told by Arnold men and women both can lose belly fat.

1. Reduction in the use of sugar drinks or any thing with dissolved sugar. Sugar is half glucose and half fructose and fructose can only be metabolized in liver that too in some considerable amount if over fructose is there that will be stored as fat.

2. Tackling your craving by protien. Try to indulge more protien in your diet. If weight reduction is your intension then protien is single most alternate you can do to your food plan.

3. Cut carbs out of your diet, carb restriction is the compelling approach to your fat loss. This is supported by many review that dropping cabs degrade your urge for more food and thus helps you to lose weight.

4. Hit the gym man, using those sauna belts will not do you any help. No harm in asking for help in gym, work hard and let your story be told.



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