easy bulking

It is hard to bulk when you are living in hostel, coz we all know that mess food sucks.
And if you eat food from outside, it creates a direct impact on your pocket money, and if you have a girlfriend that goes even harder.

now i will tell you few simple ways to get bulk with less expense of money.

here are few best food who can use to weight gain in an easy way healthy-foods-to-gain-weight-fast

1. Buy yourself a packet of oats, a kg cost around 180 and if you got lucky you may have 400gm free also. it is easy to eat and very fast to prepare. Boil some water n your kettel or induction and after the water is boiled switch the induction off and put your oats around 50 gm, dont forget to put little sugar , lest you wont be able to eat it.

this will get even better if you put some peanut butter in it. eat it three times a day whenever you get time it will help you to gain some muscle.

2. Hit the gym, beleive me if you skiny and it is hard for you to gain weight , no matter how much you eat if you wont to go to gym nothing will help. Make your body to do some hard work.

3. Stop playing heavy cardio sports, you have to do it. or your calories will get consume in playing these games. It is much harder, i know but you have to set priority.

4. eat eggs, if you cant buy protien , now a days you have protiens like asitis  and healthkart whey which are comparitevly cheaper than many protiens and i want to say way cheaper than others.
1000 rs for 1 kg. it is not pleasant to drink but healthy and effective. Also make sure the protein you eat is properly absorbed. read this increase-protein-absorption

and last but not the least get yourself  a heartbreak :-p



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