Fitness myths.

People have lot of fitness which they got either by their so called fitness trainers or their fitness partners. These fitness are either related to diets, supplements, and building muscle. In this all your myths will be busted.

1. High protien diet are bad for your kidneys, if you take more than 1g of your body weight in lbs , your kidneys will start to hamper but research have shown that even 3gm protien per lbs is not harmful.

2. High protien diet makes your bone brittle, which is also not true. Infact it is seen that in women bone density has increased but no effect on men.

3.Muscle soreness is because of accumulated lactic acid in your body which is also not true, muscle soreness is because of your micro cracks in your muscle fibers.

4.Taking creatine causes dehydration, which is also a false one , studies shows that taking creatine in hot weather actually increased the performance level of athletes.

5. Lfting weights makes women bulky, but it is quite the opposite. It makes them much sexier. They can't build muscles because they don't produce testosterone.


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