Why homemade protien not worth making

There are hundreds of vedios on youtube telling about homemade protien.
main ingredients of this protien are SOYABEAN, PEANUTS,OATS,ALMONDS.

So let us do some maths here and you will find the answer.
suppose to make 1kg of homemade protien
Oats 400gm, soyabean300gm, peanuts 200gm, almonds 100gm.

even if we some ingredients quantity wise, it wont effect much in the outcome, you will find soon

if we take their nutritional value specially protien, 1kg of this mixture will have around 172gm of protien and taking 30gm of this mixture will give you around 5.12 gm of protien, that makes only 1 whole egg and you dont get full protien,this mxture has lot of fats, carbohydates also.

This mixture is a healthy mixture but if are considering the protien, it is not worth making.

so if you want to have a good quality protien go for asitis or healthkart whey protien both cost around 1100 per kg and will last for more than a month easily.


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