Image result for ACNEIf a lot of pimples on the face are in the shape of flakes and stay for a long time, be cautious. It can be acne. If your family has a history of Acne that means your mother or father has had this problem, you should start trying to prevent it. This is a disorder of skin. It is a vicious form of acne. Find out more about this in this article.


Oil glands located below the skin gives oil to moisten the skin. These glands are the most on face, back, chest and shoulders. If this becomes more active, then the stomach gets blocked and becomes blocked and bacteria flourish in them which cause the cause of acne. In normal conditions, the sun's rays do not allow them to flourish. The main reason for the hyperactivity of oil glands is the excess of endocrine hormones. Androgen is male sex hormone and it occurs in both boys and girls. It is more secretion in adolescence.

Many girls are exposed to acne repeatedly before the periods, which can get worse as the form of acne. This is due to excessive secretion of progesterone hormone after such ovulation. From this, on skin small patches of pimples are formed. Similarly, the oil generated from the oil glands, combined with the skin pigment (color determinants element), blocks the pores and blackheads are formed. Whiteheads are formed if the sebum is deposited in the inner layer of the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads sometimes break apart after exposure to the skin, which can spread on the outer skin.


If some things are taken care of, then it can be prevented, at least it can be reduced even more. It would be better if you start acne prevention as soon as acne comes out -

Take those items in which fats and spices are low.

Take more quantity of fibrous substances. It keeps the abdomen clean and the toxic waste substances also get out.

Include such things in your diet, in which zinc is in great quantity. Such as shellfish, soybean, whole grains, sunflower seeds and dried fruits. Zinc is anti-bacterial.

Eat plenty of sour things such as low fat yogurt and minimize the use of processed foods and iodine salts. There is a lot of iodine in it and it grows so much. Iodine can also be found in fish and onions, so stay away from them too.

Do not use alcohol, butter, coffee, cheese, chocolate, cream, cocoa, eggs, meat, poultry products, soft and brominated vegetable oil at all.

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