Acne treatment

Have you lost your beauty due to the pimple? Not only the pimples, but the scars that take them also snatch the beauty of the face. By the way, many products in the market claim to remove pimples and their stains forever, but because of their strongness, they often react on the skin. Our skin is very sensitive. In such a case, it should be tried that whatever product we use is completely safe.

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1. Lemon Cut lemons and squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Mix a little salt and honey in it and mix it in the affected place. Let dry for 15 minutes and then clean the skin with lukewarm water. 2. Tomato Take two spoon tomato juice in a small bowl. Now add one spoon of honey and half a spoon baking soda and make a paste and apply it on the pimples. After 10 minutes, massage the face with cold milk and wash the face with clean water.

3. Turmeric  Turmeric is a solution to many skin problems. Mix a spoonful of turmeric powder with milk and rose water and make paste and apply directly on the pump. Practicing this remedy for a few days will end the problem of Pimples. 4. Honey Honey is also very effective to get rid of the problem of pimples. Leave the honey on the pimples and leave it. After a while, massage the face with cold milk and remove it. Pimples will end with this 15-minute solution continuously for a week

5. Baking soda If your skin is very sensitive then its use can be dangerous. For normal skin, make a paste of some water in a spoon baking soda, mixed with rose water and place it on the place of pimple. Clean it after 15 minutes also read skin pores solution
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