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Image result for caseinCasein just like whey protein is made from milk, when milk is processed water portion of the milk has whey in it while while solid form (paneer or cheese) has casein in it.

Differences between whey and casein.

Rate of digestion, both whey and casein reach the blood stream around same time but whey spikes the amino acids in your body very fast compared to casein protein.So whey is recommended to take just after workout.
Whey helps in forming new muscle fibers or I should say muscle protein synthesis while casein helps more in slowing down of muscle breakdown or I should say it helps in preserving your muscle
more and don't let you loose your muscle.
So the question arises? Do you really need casein and the answer is it depends, if you are getting enough protein from your diet there is no need to take the casein cause it is slow digesting and will not do much wonders if your food protein  intake is good.
If you want to take the casein best time for you is to take just 30-40 minutes before bed, it will constantly supply your body with amino acids rest of the night and helps you to grow. If you can't afford casein just taking 50 -100 gm of cheese(panner) or cup of curd will do the same thing for you.


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