Asthma and inhalers

Asthma accounts for 2nd largest deaths in India i.e 15 % of the world. Nearly 500 persons die of asthma every day.And many of these deaths can be easily prevented by using the right measures. This makes the awareness about the use of inhalers very important . In asthma the muscles of bronchial becomes thicken and air passages become inflamed and mucus filled, making it difficult to breathe.

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Advanced research and latest guidelines have preferred the use of  inhalers, however in india only 8% of patients use inhalers key reasons for this are; lack of awareness,stigma,often spoken and myths that it should be taken as last resort,it is habit forming, it has side effects and so on and so forth.

Like many others, asthmatics hesitate to accept publically accept their condition.Some other myths that inhalers include that these can lead to stunted growth n kids, inhalers be addictive, they should avoid exercising etc.
Doctors recommend the use of inhalers than other medicines as they have very less dosage compared to other medicines and inhalers directly reach lungs

The bottom line is that using inhalers can help asthmatics to live normal,happy and fulfilling life.


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