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Image result for bcaaBCAA (branched chain amino acid) mainly consist of leucine, iso leucine and valeine and if you are buying bcaa look that they should be in the ratio of 2:1:1. Any brand you can buy if they are in the ratio above given.

Mainly it is taken during workout many people take gluetomide  and glucose during workout which is not good it spikes your insulin very high, and in your workout you want to be in a stable condition. During workout your body sometimes start using your muscle as its fuel source which is a worst case scenario and you certainly don't want it to happen. BCAA gives you the necessary amino acid which you want during workout and trust me it will change the intensity level of your workout. It has leucine which is like a start plug of engine ,it will initiate the amino synthesis  in your body

Those people who are vegetarian, this will be game changer for you guys because most of the vegetarian sources don't have BCAA. If you are vegetarian I would recommend you to take BCAA with every meal. And if you are non vegetarian there is no need but you want and can afford it you should definitely buy it.

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