common workout mistakes

These things I won't say are proper mistakes because if you are going gym for a long time you can use these things to shock your muscle now and then but if you are beginner I would prefer not doing these things, It may affect your workout a little bit. It is my personal opinion you may have different and do tell n the comment box.

1. Working calves first on your leg day, you may have weak calves and training them in first will affect them for sure in a good way but your remaining leg workout will be affected in bad way, you won't be able to do your heavy workout later on.

2. If it is your back day I would suggest not to start workout by deadlift and if you do, after you do deadlift don't do a rowing movement your lower back will be hurting a little bit and you wont be able to pull heavy lift. after deadlift you can do latpulldowns.

3. Don't train triceps before chest, if you are training them on the same day. If your triceps is fatigued you won't be able to push heavy weights.
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4. Don't train your traps first, again it will affect your other movements and your workout will be affected.

5.Don't train your biceps before back, for the same reasons as above.

6. If you are doing bro splits train small muscles and big muscles on alternate days. It will give time to repair those big muscle groups like back and legs.



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