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Image result for skincare The problem of pimples is great problems for those who are facing and dreaming of getting all pimple free face.
Imagining yourself pimple free wont help you much, but you have to do the work.

you must have been to doctors and  know they all recommend isotrotin capsules and it makes your face dry as a desert.
In this post i will tell you few basic things you can do, that will make your skin look better.

1. Whenever you take  a hot bath, before coming out wash your face with cold water it will close your pores which wided when you were taking hot bath. skin pores solution

2. If you are living in cities where pollution is heavy, buy yourself a cleanser, it will remove all the dust and pollution from your face. Put it on cotton and gently move it across your face.

3.  Dont wash your face too much , 2 times is enough. washing your face many times will make it more harsh.

4.  Dont use too many products for your face, try some and continue the use of that.

5. scrub twice a week, take some dahi(curd) and put maize floor in it. and do the scrubing with soft hands. you sure will get the results.

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Hi. I’m Designer of bdiase. I’m CEO/Founder of the very same. I’m I am fitness enthusiast and am fond of traveling new places, I also have good experience of skin care, and can guide you about this, currently preaparing for defence exams for for Indian forces..

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