home made aloevera gel

Image result for aloe vera plantYou might have gone through many aloevera gel in market, but not doing much for you. in here you will know how to make aloevera gel at home and best way to use it for your skin and hair.

Cut some big leaves aloevera, remove their outerskin and bring out the inner portion. mix it in a grinder and store it in a cold temperature.It wont get bad for long time.

Proper way of using aloevera is take some glycrine and put few lemon drops in it. You can make  mixture of it and also keep it fridge.

Now before going to bed take some aloevera gel and glycrine mixture in your hand and apply it on your face and wash your face in the morning you will start seeing the results in few days only.

You can also put aloevera gel on your hair, it will also be very beneficial for your hair against dandruff and dryness

start doing it and share your experiences.


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