keto diet benefits

A low-carb diet was controversial for many years. Some people say that  these diets to increase cholesterol and add heart disease due to high fat content as on keto diet we are high on fats . In most science studies, low-carb diets have their health and benefits. It is said that low carb diet not only helps faster in weight loss but also dont put pressure on heart. The following are the top benefits of keto diet.
1. It reduces your apetite.
Hunger is the main reason why people give up their dieting. As per the studies the people who are on low carb diet tend to eat comparatively less because low carb diet tend to reduce your apetite.

2. Fat is reduced much from abdominal are

                                                     Not all body fat is the same. 
Image result for keto dietPlace where fat is stored, determine how it affects your health and the risk of disease. 
The two main types of fat are subcutaneous fat and other one is visceral fat, the first one is under the skin, and visceral fat, is mainly found in your abdominal area.
Visceral fat is usually deposited around your organs. Extra fat around this area tend to produce metabolic dysfunction. A low carb diet is very effective in reducing this harmful belly fat. In fact, the larger portion of fat which is removed is  from our abdominal area.

3. Good cholesterol increases

Good cholesterol scientific name is HDL. Heart diseases risk is decreased if bad LDL is less than HDL. Best wa to increase this HDL is to eat food high in fats. Therefore, HDL levels in healthy and low-carbohydrate diets have not significantly increased, although HDL levels in the low fat diet are only slightly increased or even reduced

4. Lower blood pressure

There are many diseases like hypertension,kidney problem, heart diseases of whose major reason is high blood pressure.
Low carb diet helps in reducing this blood pressure and helps you live longer.

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