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Image result for ketogenicKeto diet has gone much famous for its rapid weight loss, but there are certain side effects which you should keep in mind before starting keto diet.

DIARRHEA: If you have to go constantly bathroom when you are on your keto diet trust me you are not alone many people face this problem. Reason is simple less fiber in your diet because of the reason that you are not taking enough carbs which is the  main source of fiber in our diet. Another reason could be excessive pressure on your gal bladder which produces bile which break down the fats.

KETOACIDOSIS: If you are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes keto is not the diet for you. That's because keto can trigger ketoacidosis in people with diabetes.This happens when body start storing too many ketones as the byproduct of fats and this makes the blood too acidic and it is fatal if lest untreated.

LESS MUSCLE MASS: Another consequence of keto diet is loss of muscle mass,especially if your diet is more fat than protein, lets take an example suppose you start with 5 kg muscle and you lose weight, that lost weight will be more of muscle than of the fat,and when you regain that lost weight it will compost more of fats.

INCREASED RISK OF HEART DISEASES: When you are on keto you are advised to eat to eat more fats and protein, that fat should come from good sources of food, in keto you are not to eat butter, beacon to increase your fat intake. This bad fat can increase the bad cholesterol and make your heart sick 


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