kidney stone formation,removal and remedies

You will be amazed to know that biggest kidney stone was more than 17cm in diameter and weighted about a kilo, person didn't swallow a stone but that stone was formed in his kidney.

Stones are formed mainly in kidneys bladder and urethra. It is formed because your urine contains substances like calcium, sodium, potassium, oxalate and uric acid. If the quantity gets increased they start accumulating and after some times become to a size of detectable stone. We start noticing them when they start to move inside your kidneys. Most kidney stones are compound called calcium oxalate there are some other like calcium phosphate but this is less.

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CAUSED BY: Major reason why kidney stones occur is because of less drinking of water if you drink water less than suggested which is 8-10 glass per day your urine become more and more acidiv and this gives a perfect surrounding to grow few kidney stones

 REMOVAL TECHNIQUES: Kidney stones become painful when they got stuck in the urinary tract, if kidney stone are of diameter less than 5mm they usually go without taking medications, doctors just advice to drink lot of water just to speed up the process. If stones get little bigger doctor suggest some muscle relaxators to let the easy path for stones, another medication called potassium citrate helps in dissolving stones.
If stone gets even more bigger high frequency sound are directed towards stones making them to break in smaller pieces which can easily get out. But if all these fails last option is to get them removed by medical procedures.

But main thing is how to avoid them in first place, drink lot of water which will dilute calcium in your body. If you are prone to kidney stones avoid eating spinach, potato chips and root plants or mainly those things which are high in oxalte.  


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