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If you are a man, testosterone is one of the most important hormone for your body, many a things from your sex drive to your lean muscle mass depend on this. I have in my previous blogs told you how to boost testosterone naturally Another thing which happens when your body is low in testosterone is that your estrogen level increases they go in inverse proportion to each other, this can cause problem like increase of your body fat especially at your belly areas and loss of hair.

In this I will tell you few of the habits that cause low testosterone.

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INACTIVITY: Many of the men around the world have jobs which don't require much physical activity and even after coming home they don't do physical activity. These types of individual tend to get accumulate more fat and fat tissue has a enzyme called AROMATASE which converts testosterone to estrogen. So if you have less body fat percentage you will be having good testosterone levels. So if you start having some physical activity especially lifting weights your testosterone will rise

Image result for person sleeping cartoonLACK OF SLEEP: I know if it were to be your decision you won't set alarm nut to your knowledge lack of sleep can hormone dis balance and even 1 week of not getting significant sleep your testosterone level will fall by 10-15 %. Other effects of not getting enough sleep is that it increase your GHRELIN level which increase your food craving to much extent and thus makes you fat.
                                                      So make your priority of getting sleep of upto 7-9 hours.

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ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Its not like you can never drink again here I am talking about regular drinking. If you drink about 4-5 shots everyday your testosterone level will fall to significant levels and will continue to fall for next full week. Drinking alcohol slows down your fat metabolism by affecting your liver and you will end up getting fat and low testosterone.

BAD DIET: If you think by eating fat you can get your testosterone level rise it is also not true. Take it like this if you eat fat it will increase your testosterone but if you again increase your fat intake your testosterone wont increase this time you need to have a balance diet contains carbs, protein and fats.

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