Magical hair oil

Problem is not started when hair starts falling but it starts when hair is not grown again on that location. here I will tell you few natural things which you can add to your oil which will increase the growth of your hair.

1. Coconut oil
2. olive oil.
3. Caster oil
4. curry leaves
5. Neem oil or leaves
6. Vitamin-e capsules
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Firstly, take a container and put some coconut oil in it. Put the container on gas with medium flame. Put curry leaves and neem leaves in it and boil it till the leaves turn black. Put down the container off the gas now add olive oil,castor oil and vitamin e capsules into it and leave it for 30 minutes or till the solution turn cold. Filter out the solution and store it bottle. Apply it thrice a week and get the solution of falling hair


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