Potato the pure skin king.

Potato has been in our diet from the time immemorial, we eat eat it every one day or another but how many of us are aware of benefits of potato on our skin. Potato has the potential of making your skin smooth as baby's but the thing is that you should know how to use it.

follow the below given methods and get yourself awesome skin.

1 Grate some potatoes and bring out juice from it you can preserve this juice in fridge also, before going to bed apply the juice on your face and rinse it in the morning, you will get results in few days only. Your scars and pimple spots will start fading and new you will start appearing

2. It can also help you to remove the dead skin. Make paste of potatoes and apply it on your and wash it off after 15 minutes and then see the glowing you.

3. If you suffering from dark circles and puffy eyes, cut slces of potato and keep it in fridge for some time and then put it over your eyes , it will be very beneficial for your eyes in getting rid of those dark and puffy eyes.

4. Sunburn areas can also be relieved from applying it over the sunburn areas.


Hi. I’m Designer of bdiase. I’m CEO/Founder of the very same. I’m I am fitness enthusiast and am fond of traveling new places, I also have good experience of skin care, and can guide you about this, currently preaparing for defence exams for for Indian forces..

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