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There are many salon and spa wines in the market. Wine facials are considered very good and its effects are also good, which is why it is very expensive. So if there is a brightness like wine facials on your face then you can get it at home ... Yes, for that you should get a good quality red wine bottle and some basic things that will be found at your home. And on the face will be the same glow which you could get in the parlor and spend a lot of money, but now according to your wallets and along with your home comfort -
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Cleansing: Clean your face with clean, damp cloth. After this add four spoonful red wine and some spoonful lemon juice. Now apply this mixture on the skin with the help of a foam. Give a gentle hand massage and after some time wash with plain water.

Scrubbing: You can use red wine to make an exfoliating paste. For this, make a mixture about ground rises, coffee and sugar. Red wine patches with it in your filter. This will make a thick paste. Put it on your skin It removes frozen dust and dead cells on the skin

Massaging: You have to mix some drops of Essential Oil and Red Wine with Aloe Vera Gels. Put this mixture on your face and use your fingers to massage. Now massage well under the forehead, chin and eyes. It will improve blood circulation on the face. Massage for at least 10 minutes and then wash it.

For Red Wine Face Pack: Red Wine Face Pack can be made from two-two spoon red wine, honey and yogurt. Mix all ingredients, apply it on your face and clean it after 15 minutes.


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