Steroids side affects

Image result for steroidsSteroids is generally used by pro-bodybuilders to pack on huge muscles which they never could do if remain to be natural. But now a days regular gym goers are also start taking steroids to get that instagram famous body with in very less time. Steroids use by pro people is generally under very good supervision ,they too get side affects of this you might have heard the news of bodybuilders dying on day or another. But the steroids used by common people is not under good supervision and some people don,t even know what are they putting inside their body as long as it give them results. But there are many side affects of steroids no matter how precautionalty you use them. So let's discuss few of the side affects of steroids.

GYNO PROBLEMS: This is one of the most common side affects, you will start accumulating fat on the lower chest and they will look like boobs, and trust me guys even if stop taking steroids they will take a very long time like 3 to 4 years to get completely gone. So no point in making body in 3 months and regretting it for 3 years.

SHRUNKEN TESTICLES: This steroids is nothing but other testosterone , when you are taking steroids in large quantity your body stop making the testosterone of its own and the result is shrunken testicles, testis grow back to normal size after you stop taking steroids. But as big as they were before

ACNE: This is also the most common side affects of steroids, you will get severe to very severe acne on your back and face and in some cases small spots on hands have also been seen. And if you have a history of acne condition may get worse for you. We all got a pretty face lets not destroy that for 20 '' biceps or so.

THINNING OF HEART LINING: during the cycle as your body grow size of heart also grow to improve blood supply but in this the lining of heart become very weak and cannot withstand the heavy pressure of the blood, main reasons of many deaths is this one only.

IMPOTENCY: Whats the use of that big tank if it can't fire, you surely would have understand my metaphor.

there are many other side affects like steroid rage,hair fall, manly voice in females and many others but my main point is don't take unless it is recommended by the doctors or under good supervision. Love your body and be the best version of yourself without the use of external factors :-)

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