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No maiden wants to see the nail on her face. Pimples are not only painful, but do not pay attention to pimples during the time, they remain on the face throughout the life. Pimples can be on any type of skin, but people with oily, which are oily skin, have the biggest problem. In this case, the possibility of getting the pimples stains is also increased. In this article we will discuss this issue and will show that in some way the stain of nail-acne can be relieved.
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Here we are giving you some information about this. Acne is of two types - non-inflammatory and inflater Whithead and blackhead are non-inflammatory acne, whereas in inflammatory acne such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts come. Of these, inflammatory phobia is prone to stains.Acne sufferers occur when your skin's hair follicles begin to stop with excessive oil, dead cells and dirt. This starts to swelling of the hair follicles of the skin. This is the reason, when the floral wall breaks down and causes inflammation in the pores. If this damage is close to the surface of your skin, it gets cured quickly, but if the wound becomes deeper then it can be more serious. Because of this infection, it can reach the dermis (the other surface of the skin) and damage the healthy cells of the skin.

Now is the time to know the types of scales of acne. If you want to remove the stains of your pimples, it is also important to know its type. There are many types of acne scars, some of which we are telling you below. Ice-pick scars - These are small, dark and thick or spotted marks. Rolling Skars - These stains are like pits. Boxer Skars - These are after bloating acne. These are small, but look like this, such as someone nailed their skin on your skin.

Atrophic scars - this is very common. These stains are flat, thin and padded. This trail can be mostly after severe acne or chickenpox. Hypertrophic scars - It comes out of the skin surface and is thick like a lump.

Now that you have learned so much about the nail-mumps, then the question arises, how to erase the stomach pimple? For this, we are talking about some home remedies here. Keep in mind that these home remedies depend on the depth and severity of acne scars. If the stains are serious, old and deep, then the expert advice will be needed to remove them.

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1.A spoonful of orange peel powder (if you want to dry orange ornaments in the sun, make powder or buy from the market) 2.One teaspoon honey


Mix the orange peel powder and honey in a bowl and make a paste.
Now put this paste on the pimple stain.
Leave it to dry and then wash with water.

How many times a week?
 You can put it aside every single day. How beneficial it is? Like orange, there are many properties in the orange ribs too. The orange shade has the properties of lightening, which can reduce the scars and pigmentation of acne

Image result for coconut oilMATERIAL One spoon coconut oil
PREPARING METHOD Put one spoon coconut oil on your palms. Now place this oil on your face, especially on the stains caused by acne. Put it on the night and keep it overnight. Then wash with water the next morning.
How many times a week? You can apply it every day or leave it every single day

How beneficial it is? Coconut oil has many benefits when it comes to skin. It contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps in the formation of healthy tissue in your skin. Along with this, a new life in the skin stimulates it. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of coconut oil protects skin from harming new nail-acne .


Image result for gram flourMATERIAL One spoon gram flour Rose water or lemon juice (as needed)
PREPARING METHOD Take a spoon or gram flour as per your requirement and mix rose water and add a little thick paste. Now place this paste on your face, neck and acne scars. Then let it dry for a while, and after drying, wash it with water.
How many times a week? You can leave it one day and leave it.

How beneficial it is? Gramflour has been used for skin problems for years. Gramflour is a good way to reduce skin problems such as acne and acne scars. In it, expolitating (removal of dead skin) and refinement of color can reduce the scars of skin to a great extent.


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Aloe vera gel

 How to use

 Remove the Aloe vera gel from Aloe vera leaf (you can also buy from the Aloe vera gel market).
 Put the prison on your spots before sleeping at night.
 Keep it for overnight.

 How many times a week?
 You can apply it everyday

How beneficial it is? Aloe vera contains polysaccharides and gibberrains (polysaccharides and gibberellins), which can reduce skin scars. In addition, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it make the skin healthy. As well as dust, soil pollution, harmful rays of the sun and other causes can reduce the damage to the skin.

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material Half lemon cotton wool
How to use Remove half lemon juice in a bowl. Now put the cotton wool on it and apply the juice on your spots. Let it take 10 minutes to wash.
How often do you find in the week? You can put it aside every single day. How beneficial it is? Due to the vitamin C present in lemon, lemon has the properties of cleansing and cleansing the skin color. Therefore, it can reduce the scars of acne


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rose water
cotton wool
Clean the whole face by sipping cotton wool in the water.
After that the face was not washed.
How many times a week?
You can clear the face from everyday
How beneficial it is?
Gulab water moisturizes the skin and softens the tissue of the scars. In addition, reduces the stains of acne and helps in the formation of new skin cells



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