getting rid of ingrown hair

Sometimes you have noticed that your body gets small black spots especially on hands and feet. Those who do not get hurt or grow up, the skin starts to look black due to them. Let's tell you these are nothing but ingrown hair. Usually the hair follicle and skin come out of the tissue, but these adult hairs rotate inside your skin and grow inside. It keeps you from having a skin infection. 


1. When your hair are naturally curl, then you have more chances of having this ingrown hair.

2. When the dirt get accumulated in your skin pores, then it stops the hair to come outside and this is caused, it happens if your skin is not exfoliated good.
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3.During the use of razors or hair removal, when the hair does not break from the root. Or because of the removal of hair in the wrong direction, their roots remain in the skin. Often these processes cause ingrown hair.

4. Due to wearing tight clothes, hair does not get a place to go out of the skin, due to which the ingrown hair happens.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

1. Exfoliate your body daily. This will not freeze the dead cells and the skin pores will also be open.

2. Use good shaving gel or removal. So that the skin is soft and the hair is well rooted out.

3. Apply Moisturizer on daily hands and feet. So that hair can come out easily while removing her hair and not becoming ingrown  hair.


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