Increase protein absorption

You all will be stunned to know that many of us are wasting our proteins in one way or other. To reduce this wastage one way is to increase the protein absorption.
In this article I will tell you few of the ways which you can use to increase the protein absorption n your body.

Image result for protein scoop Suppose your weight is 160 pounds, in this case you need to take 160 gms of protein, but many of us take this 160 gms of protein n just two or three meals which is not good. The thing which you can do is to divide this 160 gms of protein into 5 or 6 meals, This is good method to increase protein absorption.

Image result for protein scoopThere are both good and bad bacteria in your body in your body, good bacteria helps you to increase you digestion. Many people are facing the issues of digestion problem going to washrooms now and then. Proteins in like chicken are difficult to digest, and if you have low digestion it will get wasted. So by taking pro biotic this protein wastage will be minimized. Natural pro biotic s available in things like "curd".

 If you take your protein from primarly one source try switching the protein source. Some of the proteins are better digesting to some body and some are to others, so try switching the protein forms.

 They are very important in the digestion of macro nutrients like carbs, fats and protein. As I am writing about mainly protein so you can take the enzyme which are rich in proteases it will help you to breakdown the proten in small chains of amino acids and will make the digestion better.

The conclusion of the whole article is that divide your meals and switch between the famous protein sources like fish, eggs and chicken etc. to get the full of protein.



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