Your pendrive can be converted into RAM

When you copy the data in the computer or copy the data from the computer into the pen drive then your computer runs slowly, then you think that another RAM should be charged. It will cost a lot. But now you do not need to spend, because in today's article, how can you make your pen drive a computer's RAM?

Your pendrive can be converted into RAM

By using this method you can increase the speed of your work. In this way you will be able to use your pen drive as a RAM without any cost. It is very easy to do this. In the way described below, you will be able to make your computer or laptop much faster than in the first few minutes.

How To Make A Pen Drive To Computer RAM

1. First of all, put pen drive on your computer.
2.You have to format your pen drive.
3.Right click on the pen drive and click on "Properties"
4. When you will click on this, another box will appear, then click on "readyboost" option at the top of the box appeared.
5. After clicking "readyboost", after this three options will come in front of you click on "Use this device".
6. There will be a slider in the box appeared, slide it to its maximum limit.
7. Then Click on Apply and then OK.
8. Keep in mind that the computer or laptop is required to restart.

By doing so, the speed of working on your computer will increase. You can do this just by using your pen drive.



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