Generally they are more on the stomach, but they can also occur on any part of the body such as the hand, elbows, feet shints, thighs etc. Women are mainly worried about this. Men's class is also not untouched by the problem of these marks. Even if you  exercise too much or do not do it the right way, some marks begin to appear on the body. Stretch marks sometimes occur in large parts of the body. If these are not taken care of, then this problem begins to grow.


1. There are three layers in skin composition, the first layer is the epitome. It is the outermost skin, also called Epidermis. After this, the inner layer in the middle is called dermis, and the lowest layer is hypodermis. Stretch marks are mainly in the middle layer. Stretch  in the middle layer, fibers or cells in the dermis are responsible for the stretch marks.

2.This problem is common after pregnancy in women. After delivery from the operation, the possibility of getting streach marks is high. Due to the operation many stripes and scars remain on the stomach. These are called stretch marks. It is very difficult for women to remove these marks.

3. Another reason for having strech marks is sudden decrease or increase in weight. Sudden increase or decrease in weight leads to strain of the stomach nerves, due to which the blood circulation of the area is affected, and the skin of the place begins to form light colored marks.

4. As the skin comes in the strain, collagen (collagen-bone fibers) becomes weak and the hormones of the body become obstructed, and due to which the on top most layer of the skin epidermis, marks are formed. Initially, these marks are light pink or red, but after some time they give rise to strichy marks by forming brightly colored stripes.



Water is life. Water is the most essential for living on earth. Half of the body diseases are destroyed by drinking water. There is 72% water in our body. Doctors also recommend drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps in keeping the changes of hormones in a better way.The amount of abundant water keeps the oxygen present in the blood in the body, so that the blood circulation is correct. Because of this, each fiber and cells perform their function smoothly and inhibit the stretch caused by them, which does not have any type of stretch marks on the body.

Image result for CASTOR OILCastor oil:

Castor oil is also used to remove the stretch marks. Apply it for 5-10 minutes by rotating a round with a finger and then tie it with some cloth (like bandage on someone) and give steam for about half an hour. The marks will start disappearing within a month.

Image result for aloevera


Aloe vera is a great way to remove the pimples. Aloe vera is a panacea to remove all skin related problems. Whether there is black heads on the face, acne, or their stains, dark circles or any type of mark, Aloe vera is the medication of every problem. It can be used in any form. It is very easy to apply.
By removing aloe vera's clot and putting it on the face, the freckles( chaiyan), black grafts, stains, and scars begin to diminish and the face and skin begin to shine. It can be used to erase the marks of any part of the body.

Image result for egg whiteEgg white:

Egg is the best source of protein. Amino acids and proteins are abundant in egg white . Any place where there is any kind of mark, keep the egg white on it for 15-20 minutes (till it does not dry). Then wash it with cold water. After this, add olive oil or some other oil for moisture on it. Stretch marks start to be light when it is done daily for a few days.

Potatoes and potato juice:

Vitamins and minerals are found in potatoes, which are helpful in the growth of skin cells. Because the main reason for the stretch marks on the body is the pulling of the fibers inside the body and the cells, so potato is a very good source to increase the quantity of these fibers.
Cut a piece of potato, put it on a place containing Stretch Marks for a while and let it dry. Keep in mind the potato juice spreads well on the spot . After drying it, clean it with lukewarm water. In a few days all kinds of marks will start to fall.

Lemon juice:

Lemon also has its many advantages. The use of lemon juice is a very easy way to reduce the stretch marks. It is naturally acidic  which helps in removing the marks caused by the pimples, black circles, blackheads etc. on the skin.
Massage the juice of lemon slowly on the affected area and rotate round with finger. Then let it stay for a while, so that the skin can absorb it. Wash with lukewarm water, because lukewarm water has its own advantages. In a few days, any type of mark will be gone.


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