HOW MANY EGGS IN SUMMER? do they cause acne

Image result for egg imagesHOW MANY EGGS IN SUMMER?

There is still a lot of confusion among the people, the people about the number of eggs they should be eating specially at summer. Many people think that eating eggs in summer will cause their body to heat and they may get lot of pimples, this is especially with the youngsters who are prone to get pimples. In this article, all your misinformation will be ended like how many eggs you can eat in one day, what should be the limit, does eating eggs cause increase in cholesterol. 

First of all, eggs I want to say is the gift of God to us this small thing and the nutritional value it contains within it is amazing. These are easy to cook, you can boil them, fry them etc and they are also cheap. If you are into muscle building you are active in day to day life, these ought to be the part of your life.

Other thing people say is that eating eggs increase your cholesterol. Is cholesterol is your enemy. In this I want to tell you is that cholesterol is not our enemy but bad cholesterol is and just by eating food which are high in cholesterol increase your level, some of the issue is also about genetics, your level of activity, your other habits because cholesterol is also produced in your body naturally by your liver and have already increased cholesterol in their body. Cholesterol has many benefits like your joints health, your testosterone level and many other things when bad cholesterol increases in your body then the problem arises. 

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Your body contains 3 types of cholesterol out of this good is HDL and bad is LDL. When LDL increases then problems like heart diseases arises. When you take cholesterol from outside source like eating eggs then body reduces its own natural production which is done by the liver. It doesn’t mean you eat 5-6 eggs that too whole eggs.

As per study you can eat cholesterol up to 180mg in one day and an whole egg contains 190mg that means your daily external intake of cholesterol is done by single egg only but catch in these studies were all the persons were heart condition persons. So if you are healthy person goes to gym regularly you can eat 2 whole eggs, because you also take cholesterol from other sources also, so limit your cholesterol from eggs is good thing.

Now coming to the whole sole purpose of the article. How many eggs you can eat in summers and to that answer is as many as you want but I am talking about egg whites. You can eat them in any season either it be the coldness of Siberia or hotness of Sahara. If you suffering from heat because of egg whites that is your personal medical condition, you need to see doctor and look if you have allergy to eggs but in general you can eat as many egg whites as you can

And in case you are allergic to eggs you can switch your protein source to others like paneer, whey, soya etc

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