what to eat, to reduce blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease caused by poor lifestyle, just like diabetes. If not taken care of, it can cause serious harm. Stroke, heart attack, kidney failure are diseases that arise from high blood pressure. To control high blood pressure, it is necessary to change your lifestyle and food is a part of it.

Let us see what is the low blood pressure diet that our high blood pressure can be under control by eating:

Eat bananas
Ripe bananas contain potassium. It is very useful in reducing high BP. Therefore, regular inclusion of bananas in your diet helps in controlling high BP.

whole grains
Grains are very beneficial for our health. Instead of maida or refined flour, maize flour consists of crushed flour, oats and other grains. They have very useful ingredients intheir  peels. If you eat this, blood pressure will be controlled.

Green Vegetables, Beans
Green vegetables contain essential elements like iron, folate, magnesium. They also contain fiber. Beans also contain fiber that reduces cholesterol.

Milk without fat
The body gets calcium by consuming non-fat milk and other dairy products, but there is no risk of heart disease.

Garlic also plays a miraculous role in reducing BP. The element allicin present in it reduces the harmful cholesterol or LDL present in our body. Taking two buds of garlic with water on an empty stomach daily is beneficial.


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