Indian toilet VS western toilets, which is better?

Image result for indian toilet pot imagesAfter the introduction of Western style toilet, the demand for Indian pot in the market has reduced considerably. However, in many homes, people still use only Indian pot. People believe that Western toilet is definitely comfortable, but it also has many disadvantages. While there are many benefits of using Indian pot.

Indian toilet helps in keeping you fit. The effect of exercise through this is visible on the whole body.

Sitting on it for 10-15 minutes is not less than a squat in the gym. Due to this, blood circulation of your body is also good.

The use of Western toilet does not put any pressure on the stomach of a person, while using Indian pot, there is pressure on your stomach. This is good for both your digestion and stomach cleaning.

Waste of paper and water is very much in office or home made western toilet.While neither paper is seen in Indian toilet and water is also required.

You may be surprised to know that Indian toilet has been described as better for pregnant women too. Women come in the position of applying squats on this pot, which greatly increases the chances of natural delivery.

The use of Indian toilet reduces the chances of constipation, appendicitis and stomach cancer.

Even after knowing all these things, Western toilet remains the first choice of people in the market


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